17 thoughts on “Sign the petition to Re-open the Library!”

  1. Libraries are an essential part of life.
    They must be open and available to those who want to educate themselves.

  2. Gail Scott Wilson v

    Sorry I’m not joining you all tomorrow but I’ll be there in spirit. It is very important that this much needed institution is reopen for the hundreds of children, student and people of the inner city. We already have problems of reading skills in schools let us not add to it by locking people out of our libraries.

  3. Christian Andrews

    A state treasure which must be revived for current and future generations to enjoy. Literacy in our youth must be nurtured and encouraged.

  4. The Johannesburg public library is a wealth of phenomenal resources gathered for decades.
    Not having table to the public means you are depriving citizens of the opportunity to learn grow study and develop.
    This is unacceptable and a disgrace. Particularly given that the funds available for the maintenance and running of the library have been stolen !! Shameful. Fulfil your duties now.

  5. Marubini Raphulu

    Public facilities should remain and accessible to all, libraries are repositories of knowledge that must never be closed, how do you close access to knowledge?

  6. Elizabeth Stiekema

    Kick the relevant backsides hard! Absolute disgrace that a city like Johannesburg has no functioning main library.
    Unfortunately indicative of type of people in government who it would seem makes every effort to keep the population ignorant.
    An ignorant populace is easier to govern….

  7. Open the library, children’s well-being and education is already at stake, we need books and proper access to them

  8. Cheryl Chilton

    I am horrified to think that in this city in this country that adults and children will be deprived of the opportunity to read books. People who perhaps cannot afford to buy a book should not be prevented from reading

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