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If you care about our City’s Heritage, then please join our tours and widen your knowledge and appreciation of this heritage.  We offer Virtual and Actual so there is no excuse not to enjoy a wider vision of this heritage. The City of Johannesburg expanded enormously bringing in Roodepoort, Randburg and Sandton and the whole of Soweto so the history, culture and buildings we want to protect are many, many more than we first envisaged.

So, we need your help. Bring us your suggestions. If you know of places, buildings or sites which should be considered heritage sites please let us know. We need the street address, photos if possible and what you know of its significance. This way we can capture many more interesting properties for our data base and no doubt some jewels will be found which may have been overlooked for years.

Lend your voice to any protest when we need you. We may call on you for support if a treasured building is threatened then help with petitions, hold banners at protests and write to the newspapers. We lose some, but we do win sometimes and the more members and supporters we have the likelier the chance of Victory.

Volunteer to help in photographing areas systematically for surveys we do. We use Google but three years down the line and dramatic alterations may have been made so what was a Category A building might now be no grade at all. We store these electronically so costs are hugely reduced from the days when we had to print every picture.

Money does help. We need to pay our very small staff, pay rent for our Research Centre and our delightful office accommodation in Northwards. Running costs don’t appeal to sponsors but we cannot manage special projects without paying the phone bills, computer costs and consultants fees for the tricky cases where we need town planning or legal advice.

So please pay your membership dues, support our tours and don’t forget the JHF when drawing up your will.

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