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School Tours


This Northwards Tour is one of our popular school tours for Grades 6-9. We also offer a tour at Holy Family College for Grades 3 and 4, where the children learn about what school was like over 100 years ago,  and an Arts and Crafts tour at The View for Grades 5-7. 

St Mary's Grade 8 School Tour

St. Mary's Grade 8's enjoyed a tour of Northwards in May where they studied the architecture of this beautiful Herbert Baker home and heard about the life and times of Josie and John Dale Lace. They enhanced their knowledge of the social norms of the time by dressing up in period costumes and acting out different social scenarios, and also learned about the role of domestic servants at that time.  A walk down Rockridge Road followed the geographical contours of the Parktown area where more Herbert Baker homes are to be found, including the one he built for himself, The Stonehouse.





We offer three school tours on the heritatge of our city. Our tour guides would love to take your children on one or more of these exciting and different tours




Bring your children (Grades 3-5) to our classroom and into our educational time machine for 3 hours! The school experience takes place At Holy Family College, 40 Oxford Road, Parktown. Travel back 100 years and join us for a morning in a beautiful Edwardian school in Parktown, Johannesburg. Learn about the discovery and mining of gold, the life book of our city Egoli.

Slip pinafores and sailor suits over contemporary uniforms and have a History and English lesson in a 1905 attic classroom, complete with inkwell, dip pens, reading charts, dunce's caps and cursive writing! Touch and be touched by magnificent architecture and interiors. Have explained and experience the rationale behind the school's turning circle at a time where transport was primarily by carriage or donkey-cart. Cement the day into personal history by decorating and threading a take-home folder for the worksheets.





Grade 6’s and 7’s will enjoy this varied 3 hour educational tour which visits The View, Hazeldene Hall and The National Children’s Theatre


Experience a tour with a difference where we examine the various arts and crafts which form part of our city’s heritage. At The View and Hazeldene Hall we shall see wonderful examples of these.  During this part of the tour we also discuss the heritage home of diamond magnate Thomas Cullinan, and the discovery of the Cullinan diamond.  Next door lived his friend Charles Jerome whose interests lay in the development of coal mining.  Both these stories and elegant houses recall a fascinating insight into our past history. As The View is now home to The Transvaal Scottish Regiment, we will also see some memorabilia from World War 1 and 2. To end our tour we take a short stroll to the National Children’s Theatre.  Here the children will learn about the different aspects of working in a theatre and may have a chance to watch actors at work.




Join us on an educational 3 hour Parktown meander aimed at Grade 6’s and 7’s

This action packed walk begins at the mansion, Northwards, once home to the charismatic Josie Dale Lace and subsequently the legendary Albu family. This Herbert Baker mansion with its exquisite period furnishings provides a backdrop for romantic and captivating tales. It also explains just how large a staff was necessary to maintain the home and the lifestyle. The enchanting gardens offer a seldom seen panorama of Johannesburg!

Learners then wend their way down Rockridge Road, a Jacaranda lined showcase of Sir Herbert Baker’s architectural talents and passion for South Africa. They will hear of the Anglo-Boer South African War, some of its personalities and the beautiful Baker homes they lived in, including Baker’s own home, The Stonehouse with its hallmark shingled roof. The tour is completed by the humble majesty of St George’s Church, where the children will hear the tale of St George and the dragon, be awed by the magnificent pipe organ, and on seeing the Belfry and the ropes will delight in hearing that bell ringing is indeed still in fashion in Parktown on Sundays and special occasions!

The tour is tribute to craftsmanship and the work of man’s hands which Baker homes exemplify.   


Learners must please bring:

  • a pencil so that they can complete the worksheets which are provided
  • a small packed lunch and something to drink
  • a plastic bag or rucksack as the children need to carry their own belongings



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