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The entrance to the Jewish Cemetery at Braamfontein has been restored after a very drunk individual rammed into the wall destroying the one pier.

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Operational Review Budget and Plan for the AGM_22 July 2017


Very exciting news: The Johannesburg Heritage Foundation are publishing the first 4 000 entries of our Archive Index Auckland Park, Berea, Bellevue, Brixton, Bertrams, Doornfontein and Forest Town. We know they are not complete so if you can assist with information and photographs please send these to Remember this project has only been made possible through a grant from the National Lottery Fund. 

People interested in obtaining further information from our archives are welcome to contact the Foundation at While members have free access to the material, there is a fee for non-members and organisations.

Go to Resources and Click on the Archive Index or just click here


Lindfield Victorian House Museum:

In Auckland Park has been given 5 star rating by TRIP ADVISER the only museum in Johannesburg to achieve this.

Congratulations to Katherine Love on maintaining this standard of excellence with no financial assistance from any municipal or government sources.
If you haven’t visited Lindfield then give Katherine a call and book a tour and tea. (011) 726 2932.

Ellis Park Hotel

Starting out as the Bertram Hotel in 1939  with Mr S Goldberg as the proprietor This was a very smart building. Beautifully lined horizontal  brick work – the slender half brick. This was contrasted with the strong plastered frames of the vertically banded windows. Designed by Margo, Breedveld and Margo in this elegant face brick  it would have attracted the passing trade as it was situated on the tram line, a brief 10 minutes from the City Centre.  However it also had table boarders – local people who were renting a room only. Usually they were bachelors or widowers.

Saul Margo had started the practice many years before and become friendly with the Sumner Family which was heavily involved with Chandlers Breweries. Margo designed a number of small suburban hotels for them including The Gresham which relies as does the Ellis Park on its fine brickwork for its stylish and very durable finish.  In 1938 Saul Margo admitted two young architects too his practice – his son Harold Margo and P Breedveld.

The drawings for this building have been archived. 

The name was changed to Ellis Park Hoitel in anticipation of a revival in bertrams for the Soccer World Cup.



The first St Barnabas College:  

St Barnabas College has been demolished.


News! How NOT to treat an Art Deco building

Wrapped in advertising for SKYY Vodka this little building in Braamfontein corner de Korte and De Beer is a very attractive art deco block. Built in 1937 and designed by Davids and Nestadt it is a three storey building which was recently covered in charcoal “porridge” – that revolting textured wall coating which covers all and conceals  much of the detailing, destroying the delicate shadow lines architects use to give buildings elegant definition. The claim that textured wall-coating stops water penetration is FALSE.  Far from protecting the buildings it actually enables water to build up behind its thick covering so that the damage remains out of sight but when i t eventually pops off is even greater.  

We have complained. Braamfontein has become a most attractive part of town and this building is just along the street from the historic Milner Park Hotel. We want it removed immediately. The City pretends to want action against all these illegal advertisements – hoardings, building wraps, posters slapped on everywhere for penis enlargements…. DO SOMETHING NOW!

Manchester Hotel

A slow and painful death for the Manchester Hotel. We surveyed that part of town in January 1913 and came upon this enchanting corner hotel built in 1897. The chops at ground floor were all occupied. In fact it was known by the name of the hairdresser which was on the corner – the original entrance no doubt to the bar. There were people living upstairs and while not in a state of 5 star elegance it was still attractive enough to gain a B grading and warrant further investigation. A year later PATMAR Holdings had thrown out the tenants from the shops and abandoned it to its fate. The scrap iron dealers had already started to remove all the pipes and the owners were applying for a demolition permit so they could extend and create a big building using this property and the one to the north.

We objected. The PHRAG objected. The City Council stood by helplessly as ever watching it grow worse and worse. Rubbish piled up and people lived on the rubbish. They threatened anyone who came near them.  One beam was pulled down and used for firewood and more of the building collapsed.

NO ACTION WAS TAKEN AGAINST THE OWNERS TO PREVENT THE DEMOLITION BY DECAY. THEY FLOUTED THE LAW AND THE HEALTH BY-LAWS AND HAVE ESCAPED ALL SANCTION.  Now they will soon have a clear site which is what they wanted in the first place. They certainly won’t be receiving their just deserts from the authorities.


Demolition has begun on the Rosebank Fire Station. Only the structures facing east will survive and a tall office tower will rise behind.  No drawings were shown to our joint Plans Committee but we understand the Rosebank Action Group saw the drawings and now PHRAG must have approved the demolition. Hope someone saves the wonderful 1930’s rainwater heads.

Rosebank Fire Station


Rand Steam Laundries rising again.

Moolman’s group plans a new shopping centre including the reconstruction of the old laundry buildings along Napier Road and the commemoration of the Amawasha site.




Orlando East tour revealed that the City is great at Capital Projects, but appaling when it comes to maintenace. We had a very happy tour along Mooki Street which would have been great had the Metro bothered to employee people to weed and repair buildings that are certainly worthy of Conservation.


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